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People nowadays are more and more aware of the fact that we are unbreakable connected with our natural environment. The way we handle time is not yet adapted to this awareness. Time is of significant personal value, due to an awareness of the limited time in each day and in human life spans.

DayWatch by Watchdesign is a realy different timepiece concept, not just in design, but the concept represents a relaxed lifestyle close to our natural environment.

An amazing new time concept

DayWatch by Watchdesign is a concept for looking at time in a different way. We believe time is not just the position of some hands on a scale, time is an amount. time is the amount of ‘space’ you have left, on a day, a year…a lifetime.. time is valuable space and passes by. Time is life. DayWatch by Watchdesign makes you aware of time.

This 3- minute video shows the basics of the DayWatch concept, DayWatch part 1

Displaying time as an amount

1. Time of the day past
2. Time of the day left before dark
3. The dark part (night) of the day


Summertime / Wintertime

Day / Night ratio


Because nights are longer in wintertime and shorter in summertime the day / night ratio changes, adapted by GPS