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Harrie Sijbers

industrial design at sijbers productions

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Sunwatch hits the top of the list for its unique selling points: engineering, features and design.
Designwise it shows a watch that stands out of the crowd without moving into an extreme offensive design.

It is a distinctive blend of high-tech and elegance.

After designing the concept the project now has to move into the stage of realisation.
There is a new challenge now: the concept needs technological and engineering excellence. Unfortunately, this is not the skill of an industrial designer

The concept is for sale now.
Offers > 600 k will be considered.

Partners who can help me by offering me technical and business expertise and / or financial resources to turn the NOVV concept, of which the patent is granted, into reality are welcome too join.
I appreciate to have your feedback,
Best regards,
Harrie Sijbers.

t: 0031(0) 65 10 87 880