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DayWatch by Watchdesign,

a patented concept for telling time in a better and attractive way

DayWatch is a concept for looking at time in a different way. We believe time is not just the position of some hands on a scale showing only the moment of time. Time is an amount. time is the amount of ‘space’ you have left, on a day, a year…a lifetime.. time is valuable space and passes by. Time is life. DayWatch makes you aware of time.

It is the rotation of the earth that provides rhythm in people’s lives. This rotation creates day and night and changes the seasons.

DayWatch default view

DayWatch basic view showing real amounts of time. In this figure, the view on the day (DayWatch), the sun’s position corresponds to the moment of time, 4:00 hours. Connecting the sun to the horizon divides the view in 3 segments:

1) the amount of daytime passed

2) the amount of daytime left before dark

3) the amount of evening / night time

The figure also shows:

the time of sundown (19:30 hours)

the time of sunrise (04:00 hours)

and the day / night ratio


DayWatch tells all about the day in one view

This timepiece shows: (at your GPS position)

-progression of the day

-day and night ratio (the seasons)

-remains of the day before dark

-remains of the night

-what time the sun sets

-what time the sun rises

-the moment of time

-your events spread over the day

DayWatch, a natural and logical way to tell time!

People nowadays are more and more aware of the fact that we are unbreakable connected with our natural environment. The way we handle time is not yet adapted to this awareness. Time is of significant personal value, due to an awareness of the limited time in each day and in human life spans.


Remember the Swatch revolution? This is next!

The ‘Daywatch’concept is in a phase now that the design and the philosophy behind the concept can be made clear and the presentation gives a clear view of the concepts possibilities; it represents fascinating new ideas regarding design, functionality, technology and communication. This concept can be placed in a high-end market as well as in any other, it is all in the way you shape it. The concept has unique selling points that no other timepiece concept has. It can be executed as a mechanical watch or as a (kind off) smartwatch.

Showing time in this unique way, as an amount instead of a moment, opens opportunities for lots of other functions to display in the same unique way.Let me talk with you about this, I have some fascinating ideas regarding this.

Application I

for watch

Application II

for phone / PC

Protected concept

modelprotection and patent

Watchdesign and Time Origin concepts are protected by Dutch patent Nr. 1040199. International patent WO 2014/182162 A2 is pending. All designs and illustrations are model and copyright protected Nr. 002443168 Time Origin BV 2013