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Dear friends, about this watch concept

Planet earth -nature- is suffering from natural catastrophes as a result of how we humans have been treating mother earth.

Each of us is increasingly concerned about what this means for us now and for our children and grandchildren in the future. What can we as individuals do about this? We now realize that it is about us and that it is up to us to act by fundamentally adapting our way of life to what the earth offers us. That requires change in our mindset and behavior as we live every day. How wonderful can it be that there are innovations that stimulate and help us in this?

TELL YOUR CHILDREN the story of the sun

This watch concept breaks away from the status quo

As far as mechanical timepieces go, Sonlig hits the top of the list for its unique selling points; features and design.Designwise Sonlig shows watch concepts that are really different but they will not move into extreme designs, the concepts are perfect blends of high tech and elegance. See more at:

the art of slowing down..


In the old days the sun, moon and the earth were the only elements to measure time.

It is the rotation of the earth that provides rhythm in peoples life. This rotation creates day and night and changes the seasons. It is the position of the sun that tells about the progression of the day.

This progression is in fact what time is: Whats left of the day before it gets dark, what’s left of the night before a new day starts. Here we find the origin of time.