DayWatch is a revolutionary way of time telling and a unique time concept.

It reflects the origin of time in a distinct and clever way by intuitively taking into account the real day / night ratio. It’s time for a change, it’s time to display the missing, yet crucial piece in all timepieces out there. Welcome to DayWatch!

See the concept video below, a must see for watchmakers.

Enjoy and let us know if you are interested in this patented time concept!

3-minute video showing the basics of the concept

DayWatch concept is for sale

DayWatch by Watchdesign is a concept for looking at time in a different way. We believe time is not just the position of some hands on a scale, time is an amount. time is the amount of ‘space’ you have left, on a day, a year…a lifetime.. time is valuable space and passes by. Time is life. DayWatch by Watchdesign makes you aware of time.

Some features

Activity control

daily events in one view

Activity control: a look at your activities throughout the day in single view. Activity control provides you a great overview of your events and the ‘impact’ of an event on the day. Events are represented as pie-shaped elements. The colour of the shape are markers for categorising. When the time line approaches a segment you can adjust a tremble for warning. In this film it is set to one hour. The pie shape will light up in the watch mode. Activity control collaborates with “Health control’ and allows you to track your activities in relation to your health or work-life balance.