towards a more natural lifesyle.


DayWatch is a revolutionary way of time telling and a unique time concept.

It reflects the origin of time in a distinct and clever way by intuitively taking into account the real day / night ratio. It’s time for a change, it’s time to display the missing, yet crucial piece in all timepieces out there.

ENJOY TIME! DayWatch timepiece concepts show a distinct and clever way to reflect the origin of time. A time experience offering much more than common clocks or watches that only show the ‘point of time’. DayWatch shows the quantities of TIME on a 24 hour day view. By doing so DayWatch provides much more information at a glance and a richer, far more interesting and natural time experience with unique features. DayWatch is a promising concept for the next generation of watches. It represents fascinating, unique ideas regarding design, functionality and technology.

Welcome to DayWatch!


In the old days the sun, moon and the earth were the only elements to measure time.

It is the rotation of the earth that provides rhythm in peoples life. This rotation creates day and night and changes the seasons. It is the position of the sun that tells about the progression of the day.

This progression is in fact what time is: Whats left of the day before it gets dark, what’s left of the night before a new day starts. Here we find the origin of time.


Design sketch 2016

The award winning concept (1986)

Concept design by Harrie Sijbers product design

DayWatch by Watchdesign is a concept for looking at time in a different way. We believe time is not just the position of some hands on a scale, time is an amount. time is the amount of ‘space’ you have left, on a day, a year…a lifetime.. time is valuable space and passes by. Time is life. DayWatch by Watchdesign makes you aware of time.